Blog posts & articles

In 2014–15, I kept the blog My German Season to chronicle my experiences as a Fulbright Scholar in Munich. I wrote about opera, theater, travel, food, and life in general.

In 2013–14 and again in 2017, I was a regular blogger for Opera Vivrà. A list of all my blog posts is available here. In addition to my regular blog posts, I occasionally wrote longer, in-depth treatments of opera-related subjects, such as “Operas Based on Victor Hugo’s Plays” and “Being-toward-death in Decker’s Traviata.”

I wrote a guest post, “How technology is changing opera,” on the Huffington Post and the Gates-Cambridge blog in April 2014.

I sometimes write blog posts for the College Admission Coach blog. I’ve provided SAT prep suggestionswriting advice, and clarifications about Cambridge terminology. My newspaper columns for GoLocal also get cross-posted on this blog.

I’ve written for the Olin College Post-Graduate Planning blog about my time in Cambridge and “Life after graduate fellowships.”