(These are reviews of my acting and directing. If you want to see reviews I’ve written, look here.)

Ilana Walder-Biesanz as Inez in the F.W. Olin Players production of No Exit

Inez in No Exit with the Franklin W. Olin Players

Tempter and Knight in Murder in the Cathedral in the chapel of St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge

“Ilana Walder-Biesanz was especially artful in her delivery of lines, sweeping up and down the nave with gusto.” (Kenza Bryan for Varsity, February 2014. Five stars. Full review.)

4000 Miles (accent coach) at the Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

“The most striking thing about 4000 miles was the flawless American accents of the whole cast. There wasn’t a single wobble or dropped vowel during the whole performance.” (Zoe d’Avignon for The Tab, January 2014. Four stars. Full review.)

Chorus in The Bacchae at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge

“Although this modern translation has robbed the chorus of their poetry, their clownish charm is absolutely the centrepiece of the show. Changing effortlessly between Cabinet stuffed shirts and thuggish balaclavas, they are what give the show its relentless drive.” (Rinna Keefe and Ted Loveday for The Cambridge Student, November 2013. Four stars. Full review.)

“The Chorus were used extremely forcefully in this performance… their strong movement and interaction as a group emphasised the crowd mentality at play in the riots.” (Elizabeth Crowdy for Cambridge Theatre Review, November 2013. Four stars. Full review.)

“Great acting from the chorus.” (Sebastian Funk for Varsity, November 2013. Full review.)

“The physicality of the performance was really quite powerful, as the ‘Bacchae’ themselves became one entity through their movements. The choreography was sharp and considered, and at many points was visually very impressive. The chorus element of the Greek play was used to its full potential, and the eerie chanting of Dionysus was powerful and as all consuming as the impulse within the play – to follow instinct rather than the law.” (Bekah-Miron Clayton for The Tab, November 2013. Four stars. Full review.)

Inez in No Exit and Mrs. Drudge in The Real Inspector Hound with FWOP

“It is a courageous shift in characterization, one soon paralleled by Mss. Ilana Walder-Biesanz and Molly Grossman, who also appear in both plays. The three are a tour de force, playing on the subtleties of Sartre’s philosophical quandary.” (Rebecca Hooton for Frankly Speaking, March 2013. Full review.)

 Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (director) with FWOP

“A stellar show … so compelling that some members of the audience came to watch twice! … paid good tribute to the geek-popularity of the original online production … impressive and entertaining.” (Kelsey Breseman for Frankly Speaking, November 2012. Full review.)

Tabitha in Whippoorwill with CoHo Theater

“The girl, played with nice doses of sass and spine by Ilana Walder-Biesanz…” (Marty Hughley for OregonLive, August 2009. Full review.)